Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Erneuerbaren Energie e.V. (GzFEE) - GzFEE  

Wer wir sind
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We are a group of specialist researchers in biotechnology, process engineering, information technology, physics, renewable energies, social sciences, educators, humanists and business people who are worried about the state of our planet.

"What good does it do us to have a science developed enough to make predictions,
if only we put our hands in our laps and wait for them to arrive?"

(F.Scherwood Rowland, Nobel prize laureate)


  • We want to do something to correct what we have done so far

  • We want to live in a sustainable world and leave a sustainable world behind

We want to act concretely and do what we can to protect the climate and promote sustainable environmental policy and development that protects biodiversity, does not damage the soil and does not plunder global resources.

With good visions and original ideas we want to be fully committed to ensuring that as many innovative (pilot) projects as possible in the field of water and energy supply and the education and training of girls and boys, women and men, in the Renewable Energy Technology especially in the poorer areas of the world can be realized.