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Guardians of the Earth
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Guardians of the Earth

A film about the Paris Climate Agreement that will change our lives for the next decades.

A film about the only chance to stop climate change
and about the biggest challenge of our civilization

A documentary by Filip Antoni Malinowski

Cinema release in Germany
from May 31 to December 2018 nationwide to see!

COP 21

UN Climate Change Conference in Paris December 2015

The conference was extended by one day than originally planned, as several contentious issues could not be decided by the end of the conference.

  • The agreement includes a commitment to greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050.
  • They have agreed to reach the peak in emissions of greenhouse gases as soon as possible and then to implement a rapid reduction.
  • Keep the global average temperature rise well below 2°C (compared to pre-industrial times).
    • However, take efforts and limit the increase to 1.5°C.

  • There was no agreement on the introduction of a global carbon tax and phasing out of fossil fuels.
  • Neither is there a plan for the measures to be taken to achieve the objectives.

However, some scientists point out that without a global carbon tax (CO2), a higher oil price, and the immediate use of low-carbon technologies, there will be no real change. (Crashplan) The world says they're on their way to warming up by 3°C.

Because of the serious threat they doubt that only cheaper solar and wind energy could do it alone and therefore plead to the above CRASH PLAN - because it is technically and economically feasible.  

George Monbiot in The Guardian:

  • "The deal is a miracle compared to what it could have been - and a disaster compared to what it should have been."
  • "The real results will probably only be the commitment to climate change thresholds that will be dangerous to all and some deadly."

What was decided at the conference:

Paris Climate Treaty

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