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Development for a sustainable use of resources

Energy self-sufficient irrigation system for an agricultural cooperative in Togo / West Africa

The consequences of climate change are particularly evident on the African continent. Changing rainy seasons cause extreme weather conditions such as floods on the one hand and droughts on the other.

If the natural water reservoir is no longer sufficient for the farms to cultivate their crops, then often only the sale remains. The original owner of the agricultural area is often found as a seasonal worker on his former property again. Workplaces are being lost in many places, and local food needs can no longer be met on their own. In addition to the loss of acreage to meet local market needs, jobs are lost in many places. The import of food puts additional pressure on the remaining domestic production facilities.

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The establishment of renewable energy can sustainably promote the local economy in a climate-friendly way. Access to clean forms of energy, the use of self-sufficient, small-scale energy generation facilities could make access to energy and water possible, even in the most remote regions.

In a pilot project, a solar-powered irrigation system is to be financed and installed in Togo on a plantation of an agricultural cooperative. The use of the irrigation system should not only benefit the cooperative, but also create the basis for a center for renewable energy in Togo. Knowledge transfer through accompanying training units is intended to guarantee the maintenance of the systems in the long term. The project is accompanied by the non-profit organization GzFEE.

Help us, together with our project partners from Togo
  • to promote renewable energy technologies in the global South,
  • to provide a platform for young scientists and engineers for the implementation of business ideas,
  • provide appropriate training opportunities for the sustainable installation and maintenance of irrigation systems and power generation systems based on solar energy generation, and
  • to create a basis for expanding the use of renewable energy technologies on the African continent.
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