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Innovative Energiekonzepte
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Since we rely on limited resources, sustainability is our core area

Sustainable development requires C02 neutral energy concepts

GzFEE renewable energy projects are designed to help local people gain access to energy and access to clean water while protecting biodiversity and creating training and employment opportunities. Because social and health aspects of poverty can only be tackled with a sufficient and affordable energy supply. Access to clean forms of energy benefits above all the poor population.

  • Schools need light so children can learn
  • Training companies need electricity for machines to work
  • Hospitals need electricity to power essential devices
  • Road and street lighting needs electricity to shape social life
  • Pumps for Agriculture Need Electricity to Maintain Irrigation Systems
  • Food processing machinery needs energy to profitably harvest refine
  • You need energy for cooking, so that you do not use up the natural wood reserves

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Energy self-sufficient systems

The use of self-sufficient, small-scale renewable energy plants could make access to energy and water more accessible to even the most remote regions. These self-sufficient small power plants based on solar, biomass, geothermal and earth cooling can be operated on site. They can meet the local energy needs and do not increase the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. They also help the poorest break out of the spiral of poverty and thus can establish sustainable economic growth. A decentralized electricity supply based on renewable energies can open up new production possibilities for the local economy. This will help people and the local economy in a climate-friendly way.

The use of renewable energies contributes to the protection of the climate, biodiversity, health and prosperity of local people.

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